Texas Hold um rules – how to play Texas Hold um

If you’re looking to get started playing Texas Hold um you’re not alone. Texas Hold um is the most popular poker game world wide and growing in popularity by the day. Below is a condensed guide to getting you on your feet playing Texas Hold um online. Luckily Texas Hold um rules are pretty easy.

First things first

Texas Hold um is a poker game and the standard rank of poker hands applies. If you’re uncertain about that click here for the rank of poker hands . Hold um is played with a 52 card deck between a minimum of 2 players (going “heads up”) up to a maximum of 11 players.

Variations of betting limits

The rules for Texas Hold um are pretty standard in all cases but there are basically 3 different variations of betting in Texas Hold um: Limit Texas Hold um , Pot Limit Texas Hold um and No limit Texas Hold um .

What do these mean? In a nutshell they “limit” or delimit the amount you can or need to bet at each stage of a Texas Hold um game. In Limit Texas Hold um there is a specific predefined limit to how much needs to be bet at each betting round – this is the more controlled, “safer” betting arrangement for those who want to keep a tighter grip on the reigns. Pot limit means that bets or raises are limited to the total in the pot at that moment. The total in the pot includes all bets made by others earlier in that round. Pot Limit Texas Hold um is more adventurous than Limit Texas Hold um with the potential for larger betting. Finally, there’s No Limit Texas Hold um. Well, I think you get the idea with that one. Regardless of which limit you’re playing a Hold um game goes as follows.

Lay some money on the table

Before a Texas Hold um round starts 2 players are required to make a contribution to the pot. These contributions are called blinds – there is one “small blind” and one “big blind”. Everybody takes it in turns to place their blinds in clockwise order around the table. Likewise the privilege of being the “dealer” passes around the table in the same fashion. Obviously there is no real “dealer” in an online card room but the position is still important because it’s the 2 players to the left of the deal (after the dealer in a clockwise direction) that place the blinds. The player to the left of the dealer places the “small blind” – which is equal to half of the lower stake (depending on the limit type), and the player to the right of him/her places the “big blind” which equals the full amount of the lower stake limit. The dealer position is also important because the dealer bets last – a significant advantage. For a fresh new game the dealer is usually the first person to sit at a table.

Round 1 – The preflop

Starting with the dealer (the button) each player is dealt one card followed by another (face down of course). These are known as the hole cards. This is followed by a round of betting moving clockwise around the table with the dealer betting last.

Round 2 – The Flop

After the first round of betting 3 communal cards, called the “flop”, are dealt face up in the center of the table. These cards are common to all players. Your final hand results from a combination of the cards in your hand and the communal cards. After the flop is dealt a second round of betting occurs.

Round 3 – The Turn

Following the betting on the Flop the fourth community card is dealt – often called the turn or fourth street – followed by another round of betting.

Round 4 – The River

The fifth community card is dealt – known as fifth street or the river – and the last round of betting occurs.

Revealing the Cards – The Showdown

Each player reveals his/her cards starting with the player who bet first. The player with the best 5 card combination from the communal cards and his/her own takes the pot.

This is basically how a Texas Hold um game is played. It’s pretty easy in principle, the art is in playing well. There are plenty more rules which tend to be particular to the online card room you are playing at – best to visit their sites for those particulars. At this stage I’d recommend signing up at a poker room of your choice and playing at some play for fun tables. The betting at those tables tends to be a bit wild but they’re great for getting the hang of the game without having to risk your own money.

Below is collection of top poker rooms. Take your pick from below to get started.

Hold Um Room   Size*   Specialty

Party Poker   500   Mega traffic, huge Hold Um player base, big time tournaments, generous perks.
Empire Poker   500   Same backend as Party Poker, top tournament action and generally top class.
Poker Stars   150   Tournament focus. They send 100+ players to major world tournaments.
Paradise Poker   130   Lots of game variety. Great support and playing statistics. High rated software.
Royal Vegas   90   Generous offers and promotions. Plenty of tournament satellites. Play against pros.
Pacific Poker   70   Stable secure all rounder. Big on bonuses and giveaways – watch the terms though.

* the size number is an approximation of the number of real money games you could expect if you turn up.

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